Space – Moon Craters

We have extended on our space exploration. Last week we made moon craters on absorbent paper, and today we made moon craters using the sand trays, bi-carb and coloured vinegar, observing and experimenting with chemical reaction when mixed together to create colourful moon craters in the sand. The children shared their excitement and wonder, while developing their pincer grasp, using the droppers. They also developed their curiosity, enthusiasm and self-confidence.

We have also used this same coloured sand and our imaginations to create moon patterns, gluing and sprinkling the sand on top.

Book Week

The children of Aqua have embraced book week, and many have brought their favourite books in to share with their educators and peers. Shona dressed as ‘The Cat in the Hat’ to share her book ‘There’s a wocket in my pocket’. Through story time children are able to increase their attention span, reinforce word recognition and practice auditory processing. Reading stories provides opportunities to discuss and examine social situations and behaviours. It’s also a great way to encourage good literacy attitudes.

Bonkers Beat

This morning while participating in music, the children used the drum to follow the beat and welcomed Bonkers the monkey to the group, passing him around the circle to have a cuddle. They also sung ‘Old Macdonald Had a Band’ and followed actions while singing.

Fine Motor Skills

Today the children were also invited to create pictures using textas glue and scissors. All great ways to build on their interests and extend motor skills.


What a child can do today with assistance, she will be able to do by herself tomorrow – Lev Vygotsky 

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