Space – Magic Moons

We have extended on our space exploration, and last week we made moon craters on absorbent paper, yesterday we made moon craters using the sand trays, bi-carb and coloured vinegar… And today we made colourful magic moons with water colouring.

We have also used this same coloured sand and our imaginations to create moon patterns, gluing and sprinkling the sand on top.

Bonkers Beat

This morning we continued to practice the song ‘Old Macdonald Had a Band’ following actions while singing. Children are performing it well and having fun while practicing.

Gross Motor Skills

Today the children were encouraged to walk along stepping-stones, jumping, running and rolling. It is a great way to develop their large muscles and use some of their energy. It can also promote their perseverance, resilience and a sense of fulfilment, as when they attempt and don’t succeed, they are eager to try again.

Free play

During free play the children have the opportunity to explore their imagination and creativity. They can put in to practice all their learnings and transfer them in to different contexts. They can explore and extend their sense of autonomy as they follow their interests.

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