We were very engaged in both our inside and outside activities this morning!  We enjoyed playing with the farm animals, building with Lego, connecting with the magnets, and drawing. Holly and Lily had fun in the kitchen cooking dinner. Pretend play is great for children‘s social development and imagination.

During mat time, we read some stories brought in by our peers. Dhwani and Euan also brought in some of their favourite books. Grace came in as her favourite character, Elsa!!  It’s been a wonderful week of reading and sharing stories together.

Today, we also continued to learn about letter “P.” Ben brought a pumpkin and Ivana brought in a Peppa pig and a PJ mask toy. We also discovered that some of our experiences in the Aqua room begin with the letter “P” such as painting, as well as some of our resources start with “P” such as paper, pencil, and play dough.

Today was Daffodil Day! Tima brought in real daffodils and we enjoyed doing still life art today. We also enjoyed easel painting using yellow paint as well as making yellow playdough. These activities present an opportunity to develop strength in their arms as they paint up and down on the paper and mixed the dough.

Next week, please feel free to bring anything that relates to letter “Rr.” Have a lovely weekend!

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