We’ve had a lovely Wednesday here in Emerald! As always, we started off our morning with group times with Liza and Robyn. We sang Good morning and welcomed everyone to Emerald! Today, Daisy brought in a lovely book from home! We read ‘The Green Sheep’ to celebrate book week, the children love looking for the green sheep and discovering all the sheepy friends!

This morning’s Yoga was great fun, we concentrated on animal poses like the tall giraffe and the roaring lion! Yoga is a fabulous way to encourage the children’s gross motor skills and physical development, as well as help them to understand more about jungle animals!

The children are really loving our jungle animal month! So today we talked about elephants and hippos and how they like to stomp in the mud. The children were able to recreate this with the small world animals and some wet sand. It was so much fun stomp stomp stomping in the ‘mud’.

During our free play today, the children practiced their fine motor skills by drawing on the chalk boards, explored lots of puzzles and had a lovely sensory experience with the play dough!

We would all like to wish Harvey a Happy Birthday! We hope you had a fantastic day and thank you for the delicious cupcakes that you shared with us for afternoon tea!

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