Happy Friday everyone! And what a lovely week we’ve had!!

Yoga today was a great success! The children did their best listening and had a lot of fun stretching and practicing their jungle animal poses! Eddie loves to do the Lion pose! Yoga really set us up for our busy day ahead. Such a fun way to get our bodies moving and encourage physical development.

The children have really enjoyed our group times today! We played a lot of games, sang nursery rhymes, and had a great time reading our favourite books! This week has been World Book Week and the children have loved sharing their favourite books from home with their teachers and friends!

Today, we read Cleo’s favourite book ‘Snow White’. She was even dressed up as Snow White today too! We also read Poppy’s book from home ‘My Mummy and Me’. Everyone enjoyed these new stories.

This week, we’ve been doing some top secret craft and even had a photoshoot! Some children love being in front of the camera, while others are a bit camera shy! But everyone has enjoyed having a look at Robyn’s big camera!

In our free play today, the children have loved stacking the wooden blocks, playing in the sand pit and solving puzzles!

Have a great weekend! 😊


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