During Learning Centre, Amanda worked on our numeracy and printing skills. We practised writing our numbers and drawing shapes of the corresponding numbers. We also were outside working on our quick reaction skills as we had to listen to which moves we needed to act out as we played “Shark Attack.”

We enjoyed playing gross motor games with Arturo. Our favourite one was when we had to get the ball from one side of the line to the other without moving our feet! We showed we can work as a team and be inventive in how to move the ball along.

We continued on with our discussion of “Everyone can…” Today, we focused on different jobs that everyone can do and had a lot to say about all the different career choices our future boys and girls can both have.

We also had a special music experience in the afternoon. We listened to “Peter and the Wolf” performed by an orchestra. We enjoyed hearing each character having a different sound and listened to them throughout the story!

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