Happy Monday and welcome back after a lovely weekend!

This morning the children were so happy to see Jasmine back! She had group time with the children and they loved singing songs, reading books and playing with Jasmine’s toys! They love her group times so much and are very happy she’s back, they missed her so much!

The younger children today had a lot of fun making music with the sensory baby toys that shake and make such a fun sound! They enjoyed exploring the basket of toys and seeing what sounds they make!

We’ve been working on our fine motor skills today with a posting game! The children love to post balls and blocks through the holes, problem solving as they go.

Outside, when the rain had stopped, we said hello to Marshmallow and made sure she had her afternoon tea and some water! We also played with the buckets and diggers in the sand and in the sensory tray with the farm animals. We love pretending to be farm animals and copy their noises!

Such a lovely Monday in Emerald! 😊

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