Today the children started their morning off running outside and using up some energy. They have lots of fun when they come to school and walk around to greet each other saying ‘’Good Morning’’.

Outside play was popular today; the children used cars and drove them from  one end of the yard to the other. Nelson made a road with tape for them and the children tried to keep the cars in between the lines.

Indoors, some of the children used the blocks to build a park. They worked well together talking with each other and organising their park.

We did some pasting, painting and cutting with Donna using our small motor skills. With Tima the children started to recognise numbers. With Nelson the children really enjoy his gross motor class and use their large muscles. By participating in this activity helps children with many skills they will need in everyday life like running, skipping, throwing, balance, as well as problem solving and following directions. It also helps the children gain strength and confidence.

What a super fun Tuesday😊

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