Today, we started our day with group time. We read stories and sang songs with our educators. The children love singing with different props from our sensory bag.

“Walking Through the Jungle” and “Sleeping Bunnies” are popular songs with actions, and children enjoy showing off their moves.

During our learning centre, children had the opportunity to participate in building a city. They put blocks together and made their tower higher and higher. They rolled the cars between and laughed as the towers toppled over.

Some of the children were invited to do yoga poses. There is lots of benefits from yoga but today we focused on balance. Our babies loved it.

To continue with our jungle animal theme, today we invited children to do an elephant collage. It was great to see the children pasting the paper on the contact paper and demonstrating their fine motor skills. They were also intrigued by the sticky contact and some of the felt it, making it a sensory experience.

During our free play we explored inside and outside areas, enjoying drawing with the chalk and climbing the jungle gym.

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