Today in Aqua the children have been very busy. We have continued to create our special Father’s Day presents, which the children are very excited about.

We have been doing threading, which helps develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

We also invited the children to paint pictures for their dads using spring colours and adding sparkle, in the form of glitter.

Zoe and Oliver both painted a rain forest and Oliver held the glitter up and over the paint, sharing that it was the rain drops.  Dhwani and Izzah both made rainbows, Charlotte painted mummy, and Dylin cars.


The children often pretend to play “shops”, eithers selling ice creams or other food items and using the keyboards or cash registers.

Today we set up a shop, discussing with the children how many discs were needed, if an item was 3 or 4 dollars etc. once this was done the children set about modelling what they see in their world. Adeline began scanning the items, while Holly carefully packed them into the bag. Eleanor was delighted with her basket of shopping. It was high finance with Harvey, Oliver and Zachary, until Zachary ran out of money and we needed to close the shop! These opportunities are a wonderful way to begin early numeracy skills in a practical and relatable way.


The children took turns to continue gross motor in the yard. They were able to complete an obstacle course, where Harvey showed his balancing skills.

Isabelle used her large muscles moving and lifting the waffle blocks. She also used her problem-solving skills working out how the blocks fit together and where she wanted to place them.

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