We started Learning Centre with Amanda playing a Letter game. We had to say what letter it was and picked a word that started with that letter. We had E for elephant, S for snake, V for violin, R for Ryan, F for frog, B for bus, M for monkey, T for turtle, A for Amanda, Z is for Zebra and D for duck!

We were very creative with our Lego play today. We created snowboarders and then used the mat and chair to make mountains for them to go down! Alejandra was teaching us colours in Spanish today! We liked learning new ways to say our favourite colours!

We did some unique painting today as we used food colouring and droppers to create pictures. We liked watching colours splat on the paper towels. We said it was similar to the rain coming down and splashing on the ground.

We also listened to a book “Don’t Get Carried Away” that had some drawings of different places in New York City. We were very curious about some of the things we were seeing so we looked at pictures of the real places on the computer.

We enjoyed our Yoga and Meditation sessions today as the sound of rain was nice background noise!


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