We started our day with a group time. Inside, the children participated singing nursery rhymes with Jasmine whilst outside, the older children were engaged listening to stories with Ekta. Group time promotes listening skills and gives opportunities for language and vocabulary development.

Later on, we had Yoga followed by learning centre. During our Yoga time, we encouraged children to balance the scarves on their heads and walk and stand without letting them fall. Georgia, Saige and Mason showed their interest and did a good job in not letting the scarf fall. The activity promotes children’s balancing skills and spatial awareness.

In our learning centre, in the sand pit, children were excited to paint elephants on the foil and explore the texture and structure of the foil. In the other yard, some children engaged in sticking scrap paper to create a seahorse collage. Both activities promote sensory development by feeling the textures of the foil and papers as well as their fine motor skills.

Our younger children formed a music band/group time, where they enjoyed beating a drum in our Bonkers Beat program.

In free play time, children engaged in self selected activities. Alegria, Isabella and Leanna showed off their digging and pouring skills in the sandpit whilst, Elise helped Oliver to ride a car. Some children engaged in joining the connectors to make blocks facilitating their problem-solving skills.  Edward had a great time in categorising the bears according to the colours, enhancing his colour recognition skills whereas some children enjoyed picking up the bears using tongs promoting their fine motor skills and grasp.

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