“Rain, rain go away…” we sang today during our group time. The Emerald group children love group time where they can sing familiar nursery rhymes, read favourite stories and explore sensory bags full of different props.


As it was raining most of the day, we spent time inside doing activities.

After our group time, we practiced yoga for relaxation and balance. The children love doing yoga with Robyn and Liza. They are doing well at listening and following more complicated directions. Well done Emerald 😊.


We continued exploring jungle animals. Painting with the foil is great way to develop sensory skills. They enjoyed dipping the brush in the paint and leaving marks on the foil.

With Liza we discussed sea animals, read a book about sea creatures, and did a seahorse collage.


Playdough can be found in Emerald every day. Children love it; It is soft, malleable and they can make anything out of it, so they did. They rolled, poked, and patted. The benefits of playdough are numerous and some of them are: fine motor development, vocabulary, creativity and concentration.


During our free time, children had the opportunity to explore. They enjoyed pretend play, making lunch and patting babies to sleep. Alegria and Nishka spent quality time playing with the magnets, whilst older children participated in drawing.

What a fun they we had!! 😊😊

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