Aqua Daily Diary – Monday 02nd of September ‘19

It’s a beautiful sunny Monday and the children at Aqua really enjoyed the day. To start the morning off, the children had fun outside with teacher Alejandra chasing the bubbles. The children are gaining many skills while they have fun popping them, they use hand-eye and foot coordination, special awareness, sense of direction as well as gross motor movement, balance and muscle tone development. Lots of fun while learning.

As the children came to Aqua today, they moved around the area with ease. They love exploring all that is set out for them. Grace likes to pretend she is the teacher reading to the children. Maksym made puzzles with Julie, while Elizabeth did some colouring. Outside there were lots happening. Levi explored the train, he pushed it along the track watching it go into the tunnel and back out the other end. Laura really enjoyed using her fine motor skills to poke the dough with her fingers.

Zoe brought a book to share at group time called ‘’I Love My Daddy’’ and she told us about the special day with Dad yesterday. We hope all our Fathers had a lovely day yesterday.

At small group time Tima made some flowers using crayon and paint to make magic painting. The children loved showing us their flowers for springtime. Alejandra did some yoga with the children to help increase muscle strength and tone, while Nelson continues to do gross motor with the children in the other yard.

What a fun filled sunny day at Aqua😊

Please can we bring an object beginning with Letter’s, Q&R this week


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