Aqua Daily Diary – Tuesday 3rd of September ‘19

Its another beautiful Sunny Spring day at Aqua and the children have had lots of fun. They started their morning off with having breakfast and greeting each other as they arrived at BBC today.

The children then moved between the spaces exploring both environments. Outside there was lots of different play, Zoe and Oliver made a bed to rest with their babies, while Eva build a road to walk on. She used her fine motor skills to manipulate the pieces together. Lillian did some lovely colouring, while some if the children used their large muscles to push themselves around on the bikes.

The children have enjoyed the shopping experience so we continue to explore it outside. Its so nice to here the different conversations the children have while they do their shopping.

At small group times the children sat with Donna and spoke all about spring. We observed the Daisy, named each part ‘’stork, petals and leaves’’, we also said what colour it was. Then the children were invited to paint their very own one. With Tima the children did some planting, they used the tools and manipulated the soil into the boxes. Planting has so many benefits, it encourages all of the children’s senses when they smell and touch the different textures. It teaches responsibility and it also introduces Aqua children to scientific concepts while watching our plants grow. The children really enjoyed the day and are so eager to learn.

What a fun filled sunny day at Aqua😊

Please can we bring an object beginning with Letter’s Q&R this week.

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