Aqua Daily Diary Wednesday 4th September 2019


Group time is an opportunity for children to share their thoughts and gain confidence, while respecting their peers’ ideas and space.

Today during group time Veronique and Julyanna both brought in a rabbit to share with the group for the letter of the week, (R or Q).

With spring upon us we have been discussing the changes and what we can expect. We sung our song “Spring is here, spring is here, how do you think I know……..” and children shared their thoughts, Oliver shared, ‘its hot and warm, the grass is growing’. Freddy ‘the sun is hot and the bees are coming’. Izzah ‘its warm and we have flowers’. Eva L and Dhwani both shared ‘its sunny’.


Spring sensory box

We invited the children to explore the spring sensory box, where they filled small containers with rice, leaves and petals. Isabelle enjoyed smelling the rosemary, Levi and Ameila enjoyed the feel of the rice and leaves. This experience fosters their social, language, cognitive and creative skills.



During our group time we have discussed how flowers grow and today we filled some containers with soil and planted seedlings. We looked at which way the seed should be planted and covered them lightly with soil before spay watering them. The children were able to continue to monitor and water the seedling through out the day.



The children in aqua enjoy dramatic play and today we added shopping trolleys to our shop. Dylin carefully loaded his trolley and manage to carry a basket as well! Imri took charge of the money and Zachary and Oliver has a chat while shopping. Children are able to learn about negotiating roles and cooperation, while developing many other skills.

Lunch time

During lunch children are encouraged to use their manners, engage in table conversations and gain confidence with their independence, scraping plates, bowls and wiping their own faces.


The more risks you allow children to take the better they learn to take care of themselves. – Roald Dahl

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