Our morning was filled with our science experiment run by Shane and Justin. We extended our conversation on understanding of different components in milk. We mixed vinegar and milk together and used sieves to get the protein out of the mixture. We died the stars the colour we wanted. Next week, we will get to decorate our stars! We used soy milk for our non dairy friends to make their milk stars.

We also did some fun numeracy activities by making caterpillars and writing the numbers on the body! We continue to improve on our printing skills as well as connecting it to the changing seasons (and more bugs) around us.

We also enjoyed our time in the sandpit, building, and playing in the warm sunshine. We also enjoyed our dance class with Ms. Cheryl.

With our warmer days approaching us, please ensure your child arrives in the morning with a sun smart hat labelled with their name as well as sunscreen already applied as per our policy.


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