Today we started with the group time. Children were sitting in the circle and listening familiar nursery rhymes followed by exploring the sensory bag. In the other yard, children were talking about spring and read a book “Four Seasons”. Hellooo spring and goodbye to winter.

We love spring, and due to that we started our spring project.

Children were invited to do a ladybug with the paper plates and red paint. Our other group had the opportunity to paint in yellow a beautiful daffodil flower.

As a part of our daily routine we encourage kids to participate in yoga sessions with some of the teachers. It is beautiful to see little ones following and listening their teachers.

During our free play, we explored inside and outside area. We polished our fine motor skills by drawing with the rainbow crayons, we played with the music instruments and worked on our sensory skills, and climbed on the jungle gym and went down the slide.

What a wonderful day we had 😊.


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