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30.8.19 – Father’s Day breakfast


Happy Friday! Today was a very special day as we celebrated Father’s Day with a delicious breakfast!

The children loved spending some quality time this morning with their families enjoying some fabulous food and some fun activities! It was great to see all the Dads come this morning and join in with the festivities!

We had a lovely craft table set up this morning where the children could make their Dad a beautiful ‘No. 1 Dad’ medal for them to wear! The children love gluing and sticking!

After all the fun of breakfast, the children had a wonderful group time with Jasmine where they sang all their favourite songs and played games. We didn’t let this rainy day stop us – we were armed with play doh! Such a fun sensory experience that the children love!

A big thank you to everyone who came this morning to celebrate, we hope you have a lovely Father’s Day this weekend, enjoying a cuppa from your special Father’s Day present! 😊


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