We think spring has officially sprung with todays fantastic weather! And what a lovely day we’ve had!

This morning the children enjoyed group times with Jasmine, Liza and Robyn where they read books, sang songs and played games. In this morning’s yoga session the children got their bodies moving and ready for the day with some big stretches and animal poses! Yoga is fantastic for the children’s physical development and gross motor skills, today we practiced those with ribbons!

For our spring craft today, we continued painting beautiful pink cherry blossoms with pegs and cotton balls! This is a fun sensory experience and the children had a lot of fun feeling the cotton balls with the paint and creating some amazing artwork!

Today we also played with play dough, practicing rolling with our hands. We had a table with lots of dinosaurs and the children love to show us how they roar! We’ve spent a lot of our day outside and it was lovely!

Happy Wednesday 😊

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