Another beautiful spring day today! We started our morning off with the usual group times and yoga. In our group times we read our favourite books and sang our favourite songs. Today we sang ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’ and gave her lots of cuddles as we checked her over with the stethoscope because she’s a bit sick!

We learnt a lot about bugs today and in our yoga session we practiced being caterpillars that curled into cocoons and then into beautiful butterflies! We love yoga in the mornings to develop our gross motor skills and physical development. It’s great for balance and coordination too! Everyone tried their hardest today and joined in together.

Today we explored a sensory tray full of bugs and creepy crawlies! We talked about the different bugs we could see and explored the sand, leaves and bark in the tray. All this conversation is perfect for speech and language development as well as an understanding of the world around them!

We had a busy day today! We also painted some beautiful flowers for spring, played with play doh, drew pictures, explored the trains and the sand pit! We all had so much fun 😊

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