Today we……

While starting off our day choosing different activities, Oscar, Elizabeth and Laura were catching butterfly with the ‘Elfin’ game.                                            Laura and Archibald were making figures using different colours. Laura made butterfly, and Archibald made ladybug.

The children continued whit the shopping experience, so we continue to explore it inside and outside. It’s so nice to hear the different conversations the children have while they do their shopping.

This morning at mat time we song greeting songs and days of the week song.          Today we also continued to learn about letter Rr ‘, Benjamin brought a ring, and Ivana Rabbit.

Aqua children explored birds using the sensory tray white rice and flowers they also looked at the book “Season”, and some of the other children also used crayons to draw on flowers them painted over them.

We enjoyed our book together, Izzah and Dhwani sat up made up their own story from their books.                                                                                                   Next week, please feel free to bring anything that relates to Letter ‘Ss’’.                   Have lovely weekend!

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