News time was filled with a lot of special things today. Aabir showed his special car from Dad and then we created a picture of it that he showed to his peers. Rueben was excited to show his dinosaur book and Daniel talked about his watch.

We were excited to make a drawing from Rueben’s book and colour in our drawing with Juliana. We also made an amazing city out of the wooden blocks with Isadora today and using the wooden people. We also were excited to try a new threading game that you attach the coloured pieces to pegs, add water, and it forms the shapes you created!

We also had some exciting visitors come to the yard today, several rainbow lorikeets were perched in the tree. We also had a soccer game in the yard and took a team photo.

During Meditation, we listened to some calming music and did some deep stretching. It helped prepare us for the rest of our afternoon.

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