It was a beautiful warm spring day and our Emerald group children have thoroughly enjoyed their day!

They loved playing with the keyboards and telephones. It was pleasure to see how Claire, Max and Henry were role modelling adults by pressing the keys and babbling on the phone receiver!

Making marks using thick pencils invited lots of children and they showed great interest creating colourful patterns on the paper. Their tiny hands were rolling in and out of the paper, not to mention, polishing their fast-developing fine motor skills!

Henry and Charles spent cheerful time together reading books while rolling on the giant cushion.

Water play in the sunny noon was perfect for the little Emerald group children. they enjoyed going in and out of the shallow water tray. It was lovely to see them bouncing up and down whilst the teachers sang, “All the ducks are swimming in the water”….

Have a nice weekend from the Emerald Team 😊.

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