Today we……

While starting off our day off with morning group time. During which, we greeted each other through our morning songs and revisited days of the week. After that, children shared their weekend experiences with everyone, such as Ivana shared her shark with us. Also, we started the letter ‘S’ as the result of Ivana’s shark.

After morning group time, the AQUA children participated in various experiences in small groups such as Yoga, painting and drawing. Children like Laura, Finn and Grace showed off their flexibility, while Oscar, Teo, Dylin, and Charlotte expressed their creativity through painting and drawing.

Meanwhile, as an extension to last week’s flower drawing, children like Zoe, Izzah, Oliver, Harvey and Dhwani explore planting with seeds. They enjoyed planting the zucchini seeds inside the flower bed and water them.

To continue the theme of flower, children like Imari, Archbald, and Eva enjoyed exploring the grainy texture of rice and flowers.

Lastly, Happy birthday to Maksym and congratulations to Isabelle on the arrival of your baby sister !

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