We have had a lot to share at News Time today! Emerson showed pictures from his weekend where he feed a kangaroo and a goat; Hazel and Harvey showed a picture of themselves when they were babies; Imelda was excited to share about her big trip to America; Rueben liked showing his book about animals with everyone; Joshua was excited to share a picture of his baby sister.

We were busy in the sandpit today, digging and building. We also were very engaged in the yard as we played with the emergency services vehicles.

Amanda had us working on our letter recognition as we made words using the magnet board!

Isadora continued working on her spring caterpillars that has each child practising their printing and numeracy skills.

Arturo also had us completing a numeracy game using a very large die to increase our number recognition and maths skills.

We are looking forward to Kindy Tennis this afternoon!

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