Today we……

In the morning, we participated in various experiences such as pretend play at the corner of the yard, Zoe, Grace and Elizabeth pretended to jump into pool. Meanwhile, Girls like Lily, Ivana, Sanjaanaa, Dhwani and Izzah conversed about their stuff animals.

During morning group time today, Ivanna once again brought a ‘s’ object from home, this time, she brought strawberry! We also read a book started with ‘S’; “spot’s play bus.

During outdoor pay in the yard, we also utilised our gross motor skills during obstacle course with Nelson. Children like Oscar, Archibald, Eva, Isabelle and Harvey started off the obstacle course with walking along the steppingstone, jumping as well as crawling through the tunnel.

While some children were practicing their gross motor skills, others were busy with cognitive experiences such as counting feathers. Children like Oliver, Finn, Grace and Elizabeth enjoyed counting feathers and naming colours.

The children had so much fun today!

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