The children have an opportunity to gain confidence as they speak in front of their peers. Group time allows children to get ready for learning in a setting which is familiar to school. They build up important skills such as “whole body listening”, increased concentration and active skills listening. So, to practice all of this, we started our day with the group time, reading and singing children’s favourite stories and rhymes.

They also had the opportunity to play in the home corner and explore their imagination by pretend cooking and patting the babies to sleep. Quinn and Maya loved patting their dollies.

Here in nursery we love playing with the play dough. Play dough has a wide array of developmental learning and sensory benefits for kids.

Spring is here, and we are using it as an excuse to do so many beautiful activities. Today children were invited to make their very own butterfly. They had an amazing time dabbing the brush into the paint and making beautiful marks on the paper.

During our free play, we explored our room. We played in the sand pit, we build the towers with the blocks, draw with the chalk on the cardboard.

As our daily curriculum, we invited children to practice yoga poses with us. They loved butterfly. Well done babies… 😊


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