Today we started the day with a nice and warm welcome to Dipti, our new staff.

We continued with a group presentation form children’s show and tell. Daniel was the firt to take the chance too showed a variety of his favourite books, about Dinosaurs and a book about Friendship. He also remembered his Ukulele instrument, showing playing and giving turns to his friends.

During learning centres children practiced their Numeracy with Isadora with whom they created a long snake, adding value and numbers to it.

With Arturo, they extend their creativity and intellectual development as they analyse different shapes depending o the number of side that each has. They also learned about a shape with Ten sides that it’s called Decagon. They also had the opportunity to create their own Decagon tri dimension shape.

Then It was time for all of those inquisitive minds to learn about science and experiments while observing, analysing and discovering an ending product as they mix different. Colour in a container with water. This was also an opportunity to compare colour mixing in a container with milk.

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