Isadora continued doing her Spring activities and thing that we can do with a warmer weather in the centre or with the family during the weekend. We visit different places and remembered old holydays as well as expressing our preferred places to visit, as planning our future.

During Learning centres with Arturo, we continued our interest in shapes and numbers. Children used their fine motor and scissors skills to cut and connect borders to create a dice. We also decorate them with a number or a message to take it home and play a game with the family.

We also use the cube to role it and match it with a command form it. Some of the responses were run for ten seconds or butterfly steps, following the dice number.

Alejandra’s group worked on children writing their names and age, creating a drawing about their family members with distinctive details.

While playing in the sand pit the children remembered Winter experiences and their visit to the snow. The children had the opportunity to play with a snow toboggan.

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