This morning, children started their day off with different activities. Boys like Oscar, Finn O, Teos and Harvey were busy doing pretend play with dinosaurs! While Maksym were role playing with the fire engine and cars at the fire station. At the same time, Elizabeth and Laura expressed their creativity at the Easel!

A per usual, during our morning group time, we sang our morning songs, and this week we started the letter ‘T’. Maksym and Ivana brought items from home relates to the letter ‘T’, such as T-rex and Thomas the train. On the other hand, Levi showed us pictures from his holiday.

In our small groups, we participated in a variety of experiences. Lilian, Ivana, Grace, Eliza, Eva, Zoe and Izzah relaxed with a yoga session. Meanwhile, in Helena’s group, children participated in experiences related to fire fighters. They first read the firefighter book before pretending to be firefighters around the obstacle course, children like Oliver, Archie, and Harvey crossed the bridges and walked along the steppingstones to put out fires. Meanwhile, Holly, Amelia, Dylan and Ivanna were busy making their own fire track with different shapes.

In the other yard, Imri and Eva both attempted at table tennis while children like Teos and Levi continued with the flower making craft.

The AQUA children had a lovely Monday today!

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