Due to the weather today, the AQUA children participated in various indoor experiences.  Children like Archie, Oliver and Teos were busy exploring different creatures during the nature exploration experience. With the teacher, the children name the animals and discussed about their habitats. Meanwhile, Harvey O, Harvey E and Zac were busy assisting Tima in play dough making, the boys love to mix all the ingredients together and explored the textures of the different ingredients. Once the playdough was ready, Harvey O, Finn O, Eva, Lilian, Laura, Eleanor, Sanjanaa, Julianna and Imri were busy making different objects with the play dough.

Over at the sofa area, the children were busy engaging in Lego building. Izzah and Dhwani built an animal kingdom while Zac and Finn O were busy building towers.

During small group time with Tima, children like Grace, Elizabeth, Oliver, Holly, Ivana and Teos practiced their counting with apples. After that, the children also participated in various creative experiences such as umbrella painting and fire truck making.

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