Today we started the day with everyone’s help to rearrange our room to allow to use the space more efficient.

Children use their imagination and sense of humour to think on the best way to reset up our room. Like place our home corner, Kitchen, reading, literacy and Science corner. It was also a matter of personal preferences to place their favourite games and activities. Thanks to Kay and John who move some heavy furniture and for the children to place toys away in their correct container.

Today was also another opportunity to display our best social responsibility and environment awareness as it was another Library Day excursion. We respect other pedestrians using the road, in particular while walking through the gallery and shopping centre. At the Library the children used their best listening and small voices to be able to concentrate at those story books and to respect others along the foot path towards and return form the library. Well done very one.

During the afternoon we used our culinary and decoration skills to set up some delicatessen table in the sand pit using plates, fruits and vegies, as well as setting up a tables, for everyone to rejoice them.

There was also a time to have a group conversation about taking the right decision while sharing toys, spaces and ask questions.

Well done Crimson children for another rewarding learning week.

The Crimson Team.

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