Happy Wednesday from us in Emerald! Another wet and rainy day but we’ve made the most of it with lots of fun activities and craft.

This morning the children enjoyed group times with Jasmine, Liza and Ekta! We played games, read books about the seasons and sang our favourite nursery rhymes, hopefully we sang some songs that will stop the rain!

Yoga this morning focused on the children’s gross motor skills, physical development and listening skills as we practiced our bug and flower poses for spring!

What says ‘Spring’ better than fresh flowers!? Today we made some beautiful dandelions with toilet roll and some gorgeous orchids with paintbrushes! We have also done some gluing and sticking to create some cute little birds to sit in the nests we have made! All this craft is great for enhancing the children’s fine motor skills and introduces them to new sensory experiences!

Today the children had a lot of fun planting some seeds in their flowerpots that they have been decorating this week. Together we scooped soil into our pots and sprinkled cress seeds on top! Gardening with the children is a fantastic way to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and how seeds grow!

We can’t wait to water our seeds and monitor their growth!! 😊

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