Today we welcome a needed rain as well as remembering those snow holidays as we heard that was snowing in the Blue Mountain.

Children responded well to some spontaneous alternatives like setting different areas for play group as well as for learning centres. We accommodate a diversity of children’s interests not only on the inside, but on the outside as well, as we used the (verandah).

There were areas for the manipulative and connecting toys, Football game table, home corner, coloured block centre, Barby dolls house, drawing and the space camp on planet Mars, and it is the most visited area from those thirsty for adventures minds’, where we use different toys and all our skills to build space ships, terrain vehicles and Mars’ off road trucks.

For some, dress ups and home corner was their preferred area where dressing ups babies and themselves took first priority.

This was also another opportunity to practice and extend on social behaviour as we encourage them to use their inside voice and best manners to agree to disagree.

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