Happy Friday! And what a lovely day we’ve had to end the ‘soggy’ week!

This morning the children had lots of fun in their group times! Together we sang our favourite nursery rhymes and read some lovely books! Group times are fantastic for encouraging speech and language!

We kicked off our day with yoga! The children love yoga in the mornings, its so much fun to jump and stretch to warm up our bodies for the day. Yoga is great for enhancing the children’s gross motor skills and physical development.

This week we have been planting some Cress seeds in some beautiful flowerpots that we decorated! Today we sat down as a group to read a big book about springtime and growing flowers! Together we talked about our seeds growing and what they need to grow very tall – so we got our watering can and made sure all our seeds were watered! This is a lovely way to engage the children in learning about nature and the world around them.

Today we also had a lot of fun painting big suns with a sponge roller, playing inside ‘Colin the caterpillar’, exploring the sensory tray with dinosaurs, turn taking on the slide and solving puzzles!

Such a fun day! 😊

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