Today the children started their morning of exploring both areas. Inside the children built a new house and a shop to go by lunch. Outside the painting was a big hit and James, Grace, Finn O and Izzah made some lovely rainbows with all the colours.

The children then went to group time on the mat with Tima to talk about a special surprise that was in the crimson yard today. There was a Lady waiting for us to tell us all about the different types of houses there is for animals. Our incursion today was called ‘’Wild Homes’’.

The children sat and listened to the lady tell us about the different homes for Australian animals. There was a tree, leave, burrow, cocoon and many different ones. She asked many questions about the different types of animals which lived in which house and we were very clever children and could tell her some of them. Afterwards we got to be the animals and see what it would be like to live in a house that is not made from bricks.

Zoe, Harvey and Izzah loved been the turtle.

Maksym enjoyed been the baby bird while Ivana, Lillian, Teos became caterpillars in the cocoon. Levi and his sister Charlotte were also baby chicks.

What a fun adventure at BBC today!!!

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