What a beautiful sunny Tuesday! The weather is getting very warmer. Please be sure to apply sunscreen and bring labelled hat every day. The educators will put more sunscreen throughout the day.

There has been lots of exploring today. The children enjoyed the kitchen area this morning. Using their wonderful imaginations, the children prepared pancakes for breakfast. Outside the farm animals were a big hit, Maksym and Archibald shared the space nicely and manipulated the animals into their house.

The children love story times and some children enjoyed a story before lunch with Donna called ‘’The Very Greedy Bee’’. They used their listen skills and were so engaged in the story.

At small group times, there is lots of different spring activities going on.

With Gail the children were talking all about the different types of bugs we find in the garden, they had the opportunity to make their own bug with paints.

Following on from the incursion yesterday the children took a nature walk with Donna. We collected different materials to make the chicks home. Eliza, Zoe, Julyanna, Grace and Eleanor told Donna ‘’we need leaves and twigs to make the house, which is called a nest’’. When we came back the children got so busy and made their own baby chic and a nest for them to live in.

With Nelson the children had a active group time. They hopped, ran on the spot and shock their bodies to wake them up.

A big welcome back to Maddison from France we missed you but was very nice for you to share your pictures of your holiday. It looks like lots of fun.

What an adventures day at BBC!!!

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