With the warmer weather upon us, in aqua we have continued to explore spring and all the changes.


During group time we have read stories about bugs and what we might find in our neighbourhood, how bugs work together and, each has a purpose.

We have begun to discuss their homes and which insects make cocoons and chrysalises. We looked at the difference between spiders and insects (mainly the amount of legs).

Today we invited the children to look closely at an ant and glue the body parts, then draw their legs and their environment.

Dylin shared his ants go around and around, Zoe explained her bug is little and pink, he’s in the grass. Oliver made his ant and said ‘he’s angry because someone is not very nice to him’. Freddy shared ‘he’s a blue ant, he’s in the dirt and goes back in the mud’.

We also invited the children to explore the bugs in the sensory sand trays, using the magnifying glasses to observe the bugs they find. Adeline found the magnifying glasses useful when she examined her environment and looked for bugs on the plant.

We have also rolled paper to make a cocoon house placing insects such as praying mantis and beetles inside. Edward R showed great interest in this and went back a number of times, showing his playdough spider to all the bugs.

Children have also created trees, painting the leaves, butterflies and flowers, all developing awareness of their natural environment, while extending many skills.


Children are encouraged to develop their independence and choose experiences for themselves.

Today Imri chose the magnet tiles, building a sphere by connecting the same shaped tiles. Eva Maddison and Izzah all chose easel painting. Playdough was also another popular choice by many children, as was cars, trucks, sand trough and books.

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