Today the children started this beautiful day with various self-select experiences. Children like Matilda and Joshua K practice their fine motor skills through hammering. Meanwhile, Michelle and Rose, Emmerson and Aabir were busy building towers at the block corner. On the other hand, Leo, Joshua, A, Max and Albert were busy making volcano at the sensory area. The children had busy morning play before splitting up into small group experiences. The orange group participated in bird creation after reading books about bird. Girls like Indiana and Eleanor are expressed creativity through their bird drawing.

After drawing about birds, children like James, Joshua K and Emmerson shake their bodies to the music, while other children like Leo, Aabir, Eleanor, Max and Indiana facilitated their gross motor skills through obstacle course.

Just before lunch, the children enjoyed two stories with Pip; ‘Hairy McClary Sit’ by Lynley Dodd and ‘Owl babies’ by Martin Waddlell. The children listened to these stories attentively and demonstrated curiosities towards the stories. Selene also shared her holiday photos with the crimson children, they were very curious about the smelly cheese shop at Paris!

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