Today the children started the morning in the new and approved aqua room. They were super excited as they explored all the new areas in their space.

Inside the kitchen area was a big hit, the children loved making brekkie for each other at the table, while other children played with the dolls pretending to be their Mum’s.

Outside the sandpit was a big hit, the children manipulated the tools around to scoop, pouring and build sandcastles. Sand play has many benefits, it promotes the large muscles. They develop as the children gig, scoop, pour and small muscles are supported as the children learn to manipulate sand accessories.

We had a large group time with Donna then just to say good morning to each other, we then went into small groups.

With Donna the children are making baby chicks in their nest. With Alejandra the children enjoyed some yoga. Julie and her group made some lovely spring flower collages.

What a fun filled day at Aqua. Happy Monday everyone!!

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