We have had a very busy and active Monday! We started our day around the room with drawing pictures, completing mosaic pictures, completing puzzles, and building. All of these are activities that challenge our fine motor skills as we complete them.

We continued making birds with Amanda. Our favourite ones today were galahs, hummingbirds, and black eagles. We also made some owls with Helena today using paper towel rolls, feathers, and textas.

We were also excited to feed the guinea pigs. We gave them bits of celery and were happy to hear them squeak with enthusiasm as they received the vegetable. In the yard, we also liked completed a new obstacle course. Our favourite part was jumping into or over the hoop at the end.

In the afternoon, we made a visit next door and enjoyed the new space. We identified with ease areas of interest to us. We also liked making masks and bags with Rosanna. These activities are great ways to express our individual preferences.

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