Rain, rain go away, we sang during our group time. Kids sat for a group time to read their favourite books, song favourite songs and explore sensory bags.

Group time is very important for social skills, language and attention span.

We continued with our spring activities this week as well. Today children were invited to paint their very own swan. They had cut outs, paint and brush in front of them, and they couldn’t wait to start making some beautiful marks.

Yoga is very popular in nursery room. Children are showing big interest in practicing yoga every day. There is lots of benefits of doing yoga and some of them are balancing, flexibility and focusing.

During our free time, we explored our room and yards. We love being engaged in pretend play, cook and eat our favorite food.

We polished our sensory skills in the sand pit, built the towers with blocks and build some relationships. 😊

Today we welcome new friend in nursery room. Tara you did well today. You explored your new environment, played with different toys and started building bonds with your teachers. Well done 😊.

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