The children are really enjoying the changes made in the Aqua room. Today they explored lots of areas, Dhwani, Ivana and Izzah became builders and built great big towers to the sky and laughed as they tumbled to the floor.

James and Imri and Isabelle enjoyed some quiet time on the mat looking at the pictures in their story. Oscar Woods enjoyed making dinner in the kitchen area for Eliza and Graces baby dolls. They played nicely alongside each other.

Outside the sand area was a big hit. The children used small muscles to manipulate the tools around, while Maddison worked hard at the office and called her Dad for a chat.

Small group times have been filled with lots of sunny spring activities. With Donna the children enjoyed exploring the chicks nest, the children were then invited to use yellow food coloring to make their own chic.

With July the children played alphabet bingo. They had to focus on their board and see who had the matching letter and picture. They use cognitive skills to remember and really enjoyed this activity. With Julie the children continued flower collage, they used their senesces to touch and smell the flowers.  

Gail continues to explore bugs and the children had so much fun making their very own spider and then using their fine motor skills cut the bug out. With Time the children explored different colors and fine motor skills.

What a fun filled first day of October!!!

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