The children have continued to enjoy their new aqua space. With the sandpit a big hit, many of the children enjoyed using their small muscles to fill the pipes and buckets with sand, taking turns, smoothing the sand and learning about quantities and weight.

Home corner too was a very popular choice by children with many engaging in role modelling what they see and know, such as preparing food, setting the table, cooking and going to work. A great way for children to develop their social skills and independence while having fun.

This morning some children also formed their own band, playing music instruments and singing ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star’.


Today we have continued to learn and share our knowledge about bugs. We built bugs reinforcing our understanding of body parts and the amount of legs an insect has compared to a spider. We also looked through the information book on bugs to find matching insects. Charlotte shared her bug is going to the park and jumping. Shona said her bug is going to jump up to England.


Children continued to use natural materials, such as flowers, leaves and twigs to create their spring collage, while learning about the environment.


With many baby animals born during spring, children have continued to explore the bird nest and create their own idea of a baby chicks, using yellow paint and cotton buds.

“Children learn as they play, most importantly, in play children learn how to learn”. -O Fred Donaldson.

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