The children are showing their concentration and attention skills during group times throughout the day. We have begun to ask them simple open-ended questions regarding what they see in the story book. This will strengthen their cognitive development such as memory and problem solving, and conversational skills.

It was fun doing yoga poses this morning. The children have to follow the simple verbal instructions during this exciting group exercise. They’ve practiced their gross motor skills and worked as a team.

We also have a new fun activity with Robyn. We sat with her at the table whilst she explained to us what we are going to do. We helped Robyn to put some sultanas and sunflowers seeds in orange skin, and make together birdfeeders. It was fun and smelled so good J.

We continued with exploring the bug world and extending on sensory skills as well.

The Emerald babies loves their time playing and exploring their environment. Their expressions for liking and disliking were incredible! Well, we call it a non-verbal communication and they are already developing fast!

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