The children very much enjoyed their group times this morning! Together they read books and sang lots of songs, including ‘five little ducks’ and ‘wheels on the bus’.

In our yoga meditation session this morning, Robyn showed the children different jungle animal poses that they could do to stretch and warm up their bodies for the day ahead. Butterfly, snake and lion were some of the poses the children learnt today!

Its spring and we have lots of inspiration for our daily activities. Children enjoyed lots of different activities today, such as painting with the sponge and painting with the cotton swabs. We made a beetle, went on a leaf hunt and painted beautiful yellow flowers. They look so beautiful!

It was a very sunny day, so inside we explored our toys and played with playdough! We had a water play and, we played in the sand with the animals and climbed on the jungle gym, went down the slippery dip and enjoyed in pretend play.

What a wonderful day we had. 🙂

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