The children have continued to enjoy their new Aqua space. To start our day, we all gathered on the mat for group time. We did our roll call and sang greeting songs like “Days of the Week.”

The children love to engage with a water play activity! They used the tweezers to pick up the corks and put them in them into a separate bowl. Water play activity is perfect for a splish-splashing good time.

The children loved cooking for each other in Home Corner. This is a great way for children to develop their social skills and independence while having fun.

Today, we have continued to learn and share our knowledge about bugs. We built bugs, reinforcing our understanding of body parts and the amount of legs an insect has compared to a spider. We also looked through the information book on bugs to find matching insects.

We enjoyed taking care of other living things today. We have been talking care of after the growing zucchini’s sprouts by watering them.

Happy birthday to our big boy Imri! We enjoyed the cupcakes for afternoon tea!

Have lovely long weekend!

Next week, please feel free to bring anything that’s related to letter W.

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