Happy Friday from us in Emerald! We’ve had a fabulous day enjoying this gorgeous weather!

We started off our day with group times and yoga! Group time is a great way to welcome our friends to the day and have a chat about the days of the week, weather, the upcoming day’s events, and to sing our favourite songs! We are enhancing our social development, as well as our speech and language!

Yoga was lots of fun! The children love to start their day with some gross motor movements!

Because the weather was so warm today … we cooled off with some water play in the afternoon. We also finger painted our very own fans that we can use to cool down too! This is a great way to increase the children’s knowledge and understanding of weather and how to keep cool in the heat!

We painted carrots with Liza and did some gluing and sticking with Robyn to create a beautiful rainbow whilst learning about colours! The children have also explored the sandpit and coloured sand with seashells and starfish today 😊

We hope you have a lovely long weekend!

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