It was a hot one today! We stayed cool by playing in the water trough using the sharks and spinning wheels. It was nice to splash around using the cups and other toys with our peers.

We also enjoyed an activity that combined a bit of water play with our fine motor skills. Amanda asked us to use tongs to pick up floating corks in a bucket of water and placed them into smaller bowls. This helps us to strengthen the smaller muscles in our hands as we use the tongs to move the corks around.

We read the book Monsters Inc at group time with Bernice. We showed a strong interest in this story so Bernice extended this idea and helped us to make monster feet. We used our fine motor and creativity skills for this activity.

We had some fun practising our Cricket skills as well. We took turns having Amanda throw the ball and we hit it with the bat!

We also enjoyed building, playing in the sandpit, and working on other craft throughout the day. We hope you have a nice long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday!

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